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High Flyers

Secondary School students at Kerang Christian College valued the opportunity to experience flying in the Redbird Flight Simulator on the 4th May. Students flew the aircraft around Melbourne while carefully monitoring their flight instruments comprising the airspeed indicator, attitude indicator, altimeter, turn coordinator, heading indicator and vertical speed indicator.

Mr Ken Provis facilitated the flying sessions with the Year 7 – 11 students. Mr Provis represents the Australian Centre for Mission Aviation (ACMA) whose task is to serve mission organisations around the world by providing trained pilots and light aircraft engineers.

The new state-of-the-art Redbird Flight Simulator is able to accurately simulate flight training. The simulator cockpit and instrumentation are very similar to existing airplanes, including the yokes, the throttle quadrant and the entire instrument panel. Additional features of the simulator include 3 degrees of motion, 180 degree visual presentation, variable and marginal weather situations, and full instrument flight capability. 

The views outside while in the Redbird Flight Simulator were simulated by the use of six LCD monitors, and the effect was impressive for the students. The motion of the scenery while flying was smooth and realistic, and the background detail was exciting for students as they recognised landmarks around Melbourne including the Eureka building and the MCG. Students also appreciated the details at the airport such as the runway and taxiway markings.

Year 7 student Abigayle Brown highlighted, “I think that it was a realistic flying experience and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to fly the plane. I was surprised that it was not as difficult as I expected to keep the plane flying. I am thankful for the experience.”

Ken’s role at ACMA is to raise awareness among Christian young people in Australia about the exciting and challenging ministries in mission aviation, and present to them the great opportunities for training at ACMA. ACMA is committed to provide top quality Mission Aviation pilots and engineers to the mission field.  Mission Aviation is about being a professional aviator, utilising high aviation standards in diverse cultural situations.

ACMA trains both pilots and engineers at their Coldstream facility just outside of Melbourne. Additional information about ACMA is available online at: www.acma.vic.edu.au


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