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Innovative Elective Program

Kerang Christian College has continued to expand in 2014 and is currently offering Prep to Year 10 studies. The College is aiming to offer Year 11 studies in 2015 including a wide range of VCE subjects. This expansion has provided an opportunity for more diverse learning environments and further development of a culture where every student is encouraged to explore their talents. The Secondary School (Years 7 – 10) has been structured so that all students have a myriad of opportunities to experience success. During 2014, the College has implemented an innovative curriculum and elective program.

In Year 7, the students experience a broad range of subjects taught by specialised staff, which will provide them with a solid foundation for their first year of Secondary School. The Year 7 students participate in a number of specialist classes including Art, Drama, ICT, Food Technology, Music, Sport and Wood Technology.

Experiencing some elective choices extends the Year 8 students further, while the curriculum in the core academic subjects will continue to progress and require further higher-order thinking in order to prepare them for the future.

In Years 9 and 10 the students have the opportunity to choose their own elective classes. This takes place after they have experienced enough subjects to ensure that their selections are based on serious planning and goals for the future.

During Semester 1, students in Years 8 – 10 studied a wide range of elective classes including Advance Mathematics, Advance Science, Athlete Development, Drama, Electronics, Food Technology, Leadership Development, School Musical and Studio Art.

The College is further expanding the range of electives in Semester 2 for Years 8 – 10 students to include Business Studies, Design and Engineering, I.T. Multimedia, Legal Studies, Literature, Psychology, School Magazine and Writer’s Workshop.

Kerang Christian College has also introduced a new Private Instrumental Program in 2014. Lessons are being offered in Guitar, Drums, Piano and Violin. Students also have an opportunity to perform in school choirs and Chapel bands.

The development of the VCE subjects offered by Kerang Christian College has been a careful process. Over the past months, the College has been researching the potential directions and needs of the existing Senior student cohort, and the subject selections of past students. The College has also been investigating the subjects that are offered across our region, and considering the more popularly enrolled subjects across the state. Kerang Christian College is excited about the plans to offer the following VCE subjects in 2015:

English (Compulsory)
General Mathematics
Mathematical Methods
Music Performance
Business Management
Physical Education
Food & Technology
Health & Human Development
Studio Arts
History: 20th Century
Systems Engineering
Information Technology
Theatre Studies
Legal Studies

The final availability of options depends on student preferences, staffing and timetable requirements, but further possibilities may be available through the other options.

Students have regular mentoring session with the Head of Senior School, Mrs Michelle Café, to explore a range of potential Senior secondary and career pathways. These discussions are also being used to direct work experience options for Year 10 students in Term 3.

Further information on the shape of VCE at the College will be available at the Senior School Information Evening, to be held on Wednesday, 30th July, at 7.30pm.

Kerang Christian College is now accepting enrolment applications for Prep to Year 11 for 2015. Places are also available in Years 5 – 8 for 2014 at reduced fees for students commencing prior to 31st July 2014. For more information about Kerang Christian College, please call (03) 5450 3894 or check out the College website at: www.kccs.vic.edu.au.


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