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New Year 9 Learning Centre in 2013

Plans for an exciting new Year 9 Learning Centre at Kerang Christian College were unveiled by the Principal Mr Michael Bond and Head of Secondary Mr Graeme Coleman this week. The response from students and parents alike has been extremely supportive with everyone looking forward to the new development, due for completion in 2013.

“It's been exciting to hear so many creative thoughts and ideas regarding our Year 9 Learning Centre. As a collective group, our Secondary students have taken ownership of the project, helping to shape the look and feel of the new Learning Centre,” highlighted Mr Graeme Coleman.

The Year 9 Learning Centre will be constructed at the College behind the Secondary School. The classroom area will be designed to be a flexible learning environment where students can learn in a variety of ways.  The classroom layout is being carefully considered with plenty of space and colour, giving Year 9 students and their specialised staff their own separate area on the campus.

The College is preparing to introduce the Year 9 program, in recognition that this is a time of adolescence when many students are disengaged from learning. At Kerang Christian College, Year 9 is considered the last year of Middle School and an important year in preparing students for Senior School.

“This is another exciting development for Kerang Christian College,” explained Mr Michael Bond. “Although our students will be working in a different setting, there is a continuing emphasis on academic achievement, with a particular goal of stimulating and challenging students to develop a growth mindset with their learning.”

This project will be funded through a grant as part of the 2012 Australian Government Capital Grants Program.  The Board of the Victorian Independent Schools Block Grant Authority (BGA) administers the Australian Government funds allocated to the Victorian Independent Schools sector.

Kerang Christian College is currently expanding further into Secondary schooling. In 2013, the College will offer studies from Prep to Year 9. The College is looking to expand to Year 10 in 2014, Year 11 in 2015 and Year 12 in 2016.


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