Excellence in

Year 12 Badge Presentation

The students at Kerang Christian College have been challenged to aim for personal excellence and to achieve their personal best with their studies. As a school community, we acknowledged the significance of completing Year 12 studies at a special school event on Thursday last week.

We believe offering Prep to Year 12 at one school provides students with a greater chance of completing their Year 12 studies, removing transitional barriers and creating a supportive, Christian learning environment throughout their schooling experience.

Last week, we were able to acknowledge our inaugural Year 12 class at the opening ceremony of the Secondary School Classroom Wing. We acknowledge that commencing Year 12 is a special achievement and the beginning of a challenging year.

As a community, we encouraged our Year 12 students as they commenced their Term 2 studies, and reminded them to continue to aim for their personal best. We are continuing to pray for our Year 12 students during this busy and challenging final year of their schooling.

Mr Andrew Broad MP, Mr Michael Bond, Mrs Michelle Café and Mrs Michelle Bond presented the Year 12 students with a Year 12 badge.

As a school community, we believe in the leadership potential of every student. All of our Year 12 students were presented with a badge. This badge is a reminder of the responsibility they carry as the most senior students in our school community and highlights that their peers look to them to exemplify our core values and model the College culture.

Sarah Brown, Madeleine Frost, Olivia Slatter and Amy Steel have all studied at Kerang Christian College from Prep until Year 12. Together, they will make school history at the end of the year by becoming the first ever students to complete Prep to Year 12 all at Kerang Christian College.

Madeleine shared a reflection with the school community in the lead up to the badge presentation.

"The school has been developing, growing and flourishing into a new creation since I joined in Prep," she highlighted as part of her speech.

We look forward to seeing our Year 12 students continuing to “grow” and “flourish” as they aspire towards achieving their personal goals during the remainder of their Year 12 studies.


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