Excellence in

Year 6 Graduation

Graduation from Primary School at Kerang Christian College is a time of celebration, a time when parents and teachers acknowledge the accomplishments of the graduating students and share in the joy of their success.  As the Year 6 students’ Primary education comes to an end, the Kerang Christian College school community appreciated the opportunity to celebrate with the Year 6 students at a special Year 6 Graduation Ceremony on Monday, 1st December.

Approximately 60 members of the school community gathered in the Secondary School building at Kerang Christian College for a special graduation event. The evening celebrated the achievement of the Year 6 students as they graduated from Primary School, and marked the transition of the Year 5 students as the new leaders of the Primary School in preparation for 2015.

Students in Year 6 graduated during a formal Graduation Service in front of an audience of their family and friends. Miss Bronwyne Van Leeuwen, Year 5/6 Home Group Teacher, welcomed everyone to the ceremony and College Principal, Mr Michael Bond, congratulated all of the students on their achievements throughout their time at the College. During the Principal’s address, Mr Bond highlighted the importance of working hard during Secondary School. Head of Secondary School, Miss Michelle Cuddon, shared some strategies to assist the students in succeeding in Secondary School and emphasised some of the many opportunities available to students at the College. Miss Genna Henderson, Year 7 Home Group Teacher, is a former student at the College and shared some of her own reflections and her excitement about the opportunities that our current cohort of students have at the College.

Year 6 students, Tyrone Del Rosario and Julia Rich, delivered a speech that was prepared by the Year 6 class reflecting on their Primary School years and thanked their teachers and everyone who had supported the students during their time at school.


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