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Kerang Christian College has been committed to expanding towards offering Senior School studies for almost ten years. The College has recruited staff with VCE teaching and leadership experience during the past few years in preparation for offering VCE studies. Furthermore, the College has developed modern Secondary School facilities during the expansion process designed to engage students and best meet the needs of 21st century learners.

The development of the VCE subjects offered by Kerang Christian College has been a careful process. Over two years, the College researched the potential directions and needs of the existing Senior School student cohort, and the subject selections of past students. The College also investigated the subjects that are offered across our region, and considering the more popularly enrolled subjects across the state. Kerang Christian College offered the following VCE subjects in 2018:

The final availability of options each year depends on student preferences, staffing and timetable requirements, but further possibilities may be available through the other options.

There is an opportunity for Year 10 students to commence their VCE studies in Year 10 by participating in our acceleration program.

Students at the College have regular mentoring sessions to explore a range of potential Senior Secondary and career pathways. These discussions are also being used to direct work experience options for Year 10 students in Term 2.



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