Excellence in

Our Staff

  • michael bond

    Wayne Barker


  • "michelle

    Michelle Cafe

    Head of Secondary School

  • Head of Primary School

    Bronwyne Van Leeuwen

    Head of Primary School

  • carolyn anderson

    Carolyn Anderson

    Chaplain/Student Welfare

  • pam Banfield

    Pam Banfield

    Learning Support Assistant

  • samantha cordingley

    Samantha Cordingley


  • leanne pryor

    Kristy Cunning


  • D David Coming Soon

    Deborrah David


  • D David Coming Soon

    Jennifer Dawson


  • leanne pryor

    Sarah Hutton


  • rachel lowe

    Rachel Lowe


  • jenny moore

    Jenny Moore


  • kate nelson

    Kate Nelson

    Primary Curriculum Coordinator 

  • brooke alder

    Brooke Nitschke


  • genna henderson

    Genna Parker


  • leanne pryor

    Colleen Price


  • leanne pryor

    Leanne Pryor

    Administration Officer

  • leanne pryor

    Karen Rothacker


  • dee slatter

    Dee Slatter

    Office Manager

  • leanne pryor

    Meghan Stewart

    Business Manager

  • leanne pryor

    Jennifer Vellacott


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